How to Choose Paint for Your Home

With my home all complete, I plan to tackle a couple of issues new homeowners face after they get the keys.

One of my favorite homeowner tasks is painting.  How to paint, what colors to choose can be fun or daunting.

It is said that paint color “is so powerful that it can influence not just our state of mind but even our physiology.”  – Debbie Zimmer, a color expert at the Paint Quality Institute in Philadelphia.  Visit for more information.

And I strongly agree.  Painting your home should be fun for you as a homeowner and when it comes time to sell – painting is the quickest and most cost-effective update a seller can do.

Let’s have fun with color.

Black – A great accent color both inside and out.  Accents of black can create elegance and sophistication.  Too much black and you’ve created a portal to depression.  Use wisely.  In Feng Shui – Black represents career and advancement – making a home office a nice place for some black accents or flooring.

White – Clean, crisp, open spaces and peace.  A great place for white are the door and window trims, fireplace surrounds and the ceiling.  It will open up a space and make it feel larger.  Personally, white walls screams a rental property so I encourage sellers to use different shades of white to break up the monotony.  In Feng Shui, White represents children and creativity – use it where you see fit.

Purple – Well you know how I feel about purple – love it!  However, color experts suggest to keep this color for a child’s bedroom.  The color purple is known to stimulate brain activity.  In Feng Shui – purple represents abundance and prosperity, I see a home office brewing in my head.

Blue – Ahh so tranquil and refreshing.  Shades of blue are known to slow pulse rate and lower body temperature.  Which is great for a master bedroom retreat.  The ancient Egyptians and Native Americans were known to use this color to heal.  I find a blue bedroom soothing, relaxing and a private oasis after a hard days work.  In Feng Shui, blue represents wisdom and knowledge.  I’m thinking library and homework areas!

Green – is gaining ground since the avocado shades of the 60’s and 70’s no longer prevail. Green is known to have a soothing effect.  It also represents renewal, youth and vigor.  Did you know that staring at a plant or the color green can actually have a positive effect on the mind to relive stress.  Paint a room green and you can escape into nature any day.  In Feng Shui, green represents purpose and expression.

Yellow – Yellow is the color of happiness, sunshine and lemonade.  Yellow evokes happiness and optimism.  Studies have shown that the brain actually releases more serotonin when the eyes takes in yellow – creating positive psychological vibes.  In Feng Shui, Yellow represents health and well-being.  I’m always happier around some yellow.

Orange – An attention getter.  Go Giants!  These warm hues of yellow and orange create energy and warmth.  Muddy shades are useful in many rooms, but vivid tones may appear raw and flamboyant.  Painting for yourself – go for it – painting for sale – let’s stay away from crazy color schemes.

Red – Creates energy, excitement and gets the heart beat going faster.  Often associated with passion and desire it’s great for dinning rooms and adult bedrooms.  In Feng Shui red represents integrity and reputation.

Gray – A soft color which relaxes the mind like a shade of blue.  Gray is a great alternative to white and in Feng Shui represents luck and good fortune.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick review on colors.  By no means am I a color expert, but I’ve been known to pick out some very complimentary color schemes for my clients – my personal reside aside.

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Information in this blog provided by Realtor magazine, April/May 2011 edition


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