Laying Tile and Fixing up the Bathroom…

The bathroom was just so ugly – I couldn’t bear it.  Well, it was time for an upgrade!

Just not my style.

We tore out the long, dingy vanity, the toilet and the floor.  There was this huge mirror that took up the length of the bathroom that was great for doing makeup, but really just taking up much needed wall space where a linen closet would do so much more.

Team Work!!

So with the bathroom stripped bare, hubby laid down the Wonderboard.  This is huge reinforced cement board.  I have no idea how hubby cut it and made it fit but he did – he covered every square inch of the bathroom floor with level Wonderboard secured by really really long screws and patched the seams.

Once the floor was prepped, I had all the tile I needed and cut all the tiny end pieces – we were ready for grout.

Note to reader – I have never, in my entire life, ever done tile.  I did however watch a lot of DIY TV.  So, armed with the help of my mother in law who has experience in this department we set out to tile the bathroom floor.


– Tile (get some extra)

– Edge Tile for doorways

– Coping Tile for the surrounds walls should you want a border

– Grout (for the in-between)

– Mud (for the bottom of the tile to stick to the floor_

– Spreader

– Tile Cutter

– Knee Pads

– Gloves

– Patience

– Hand Lotion if you forget to use the gloves

– A nice cold or chocolate reward when you’re done

With all the tools I needed we set out mixing the Mud and having – like 15 minutes to spread and place the tiles.  NOTE:  REMOVE ALL RINGS AND JEWELRY!  I almost grouted my wedding ring!

It really didn’t take long once the Mud was mixed to spread it out nicely and lay the tile.  (Shortcut – I picked small tiles that came in a 1 foot by 1 foot sheet.  Made tiling so much easier.  Also – we measured the entire floor and pre-cut all the edges we needed so you were ready to go!)  Mud dries quickly and we were working on a hot June day – so be ready to move.

We let the Mud and tile set for one day, the following day I grouted.   You really want to get some elbow grease into your grout so it’s compact, wiping the tile clean as you go and finishing off with damp towel to prevent grout from sticking to the tile surface.

Look what I did Ma!

Let that cure for a few days we ended the process with a sealant.  Now the rebuilding begins.

Our inspiration was Art Deco.  Our Budget was not.  I found items with clean lines and we painted the bath Raiders Silver – to keep with the black and white theme.  Thankfully between ebay and some great sales at the depot store we bought a new vanity, sink, linen closet, toilet with some $$$ to spare for new rugs, towels, fun shower curtain and a mirror that just needed a little spray paint to fit in.  Oh – and really cool art deco lighting fixture on sale!

Now before I unfold the after – remember the before?

What do I do with that huge mirror?????

Well here goes….

My first ever homeowner project!


Art Deco Inspired Bathroom on a Budget

Not bad!  Plus, I keep all the clutter that used to live on the counters inside the linen closet that also adds a bit of privacy to the throne.  Added a great black and white print poster above the commode and I’m calling it done.

We didn’t touch the bathtub or the surround.  The money dried up – but we did add new fixtures and shower head.  Though – I must admit – I still need to re-calk it!

Oh the honey-do list never ends.

Next up…. The Kitchen!

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