From TV to Reality – 1st time DIY’ers take action…

So, day one of home ownership ended with tearing out the kitchen and filling the living room with debris.  That led to removing the debris down 3 stories and to the dump.  If you’re going to buy a home – you need pick-up truck or a really good friend with a pick-up who doesn’t mind doing heavy lifting.  We had this awesome friend, named Kris, who not only came to haul junk to the dumps – but also did lots of heavy lifting and assembling.  (He even removed the toilet – ill gross)  Thank you Kris – you’re the best friend a couple could ever have!  Cheap labor never looked so good.

I must note – before we tore the place apart – I spent the whole 60 day waiting process planning.  I shopped for everything I could possibly want – then priced it out – had a reality check – then planned again.

In the end, we budgeted for new carpet and paint, bamboo in the kitchen and tile in the bath.  Ok, next we budgeted for all new fixtures, since half of them didn’t work anyway and they other half were just plain UGLY!

Next I gave up on my dream bath and came up with a cost-effective update.  We put in the new tile, vanity, toilet, and I added a linen closet to the bath since closet space was very limited.  We didn’t touch the bathtub, aside from the old Onyx, it was in decent shape – just needed re-calking.  (Note to self – re-calk – haha – we’ve been here 5 years and I never got around to that)

Fixing stuff and things

Here’s a shot of the master bedroom with the kitchen floor seasoning.

Note to future DIY’ers – when installing any type of flooring, you’ll want to “season” it in your home.  This means taking it out of the packaging and letting it acclimate to its surroundings – this will prevent buckling after installation.

So the kitchen and bath are now torn apart.  The next step is painting and putting it all back together again!

Stay tuned!  The fun is only beginning!

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